​​The Last Whale

Children's Clean Ocean Summit at the United Nations 2018

​Conference Overview
Key objectives: Bring global attention to and help spur tangible global action against ocean pollution.
Date: June 22, 2018
Location: Vienna International Centre (VIC), United Nations in Vienna.
Attendance: Children between 12 and 16 years old representatives of huge variety of countries; representatives tackling ocean pollution from UNEP and other NGO's and UN organizations.


  • Children gain an understanding of the causes and results of ocean pollution.

    • Three speeches (child, keynote adult, child via live video stream).

  • Keynote speaker: awaiting confirmation of our keynote.

  • Two short films about the problem.

  • Kids introduced to potential solutions from a perspective of both estimated efficiency (combining cost and difficulty of implementation) and potential impact.

    • Series of 5 minute talks by children about potential solutions.

  • Each child will then share their voice through voting stickers (3 stickers/child), as to which they feel are the most important solutions.

    • Voting at information tables reflecting 5-minute solution talks.

    • Votes will be tallied, resulting in a Declaration that will include list of prioritized solutions for the path toward a clean ocean.

  • Press conference/call to action (introduce Children’s Declaration on Ocean Pollution).

  • Group photo.


  • Children’s Declaration on Ocean Pollution (prioritized list of what should be done, a call for action)—signed by delegates including their ages/countries.

    • Will include call for countries to join Cleanseas campaign.

    • Printed copies of the Declaration will be sent to every world government.

  • Live stream of conference – later on Youtube

  • Images of the Summit.                           

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