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New Words for a New World

Toward Sustainable Design

Many of the ideas the kids developed for the Children's Clean Ocean Summit involve sustainable design concepts that lack clear terms. We've created new words to help transform their ideas into easy to understand design paradigms.

Zipper Design (z-design)

Most products have typical weak spots that are the first to break and lead to the product becoming less useful and thrown away: the knees of pants, the soles of shoes, the zippers of jackets. Zipper design predefines known weak spots and aims to build products that last as long as possible, with the goal of all components lasting until they simultaneously fail.

Futique Design

This paradigm creates products designed to be sturdy, repairable and timeless, designed to be future antiques.

The results of historic single use Design

This shows you what was found in the stomach of a dead albatross.

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