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You must Rebel

Greta Thunberg and The 1975 song: You must rebel!

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Former Vice President Al Gore talks climate change solutions.

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Teachers don't teach climate change

More than 80% of parents in the U.S. support the teaching of climate change. And that support crosses political divides, according to the results of a 2019 NPR/Ipsos poll: Whether they have children or not, two-thirds of Republicans and 9 in 10 Democrats agree that the subject needs to be taught in school.

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Teaching climate change: push & pull

NPR poll from NPR shows that 84% of parents and 86% of US teachers think climate change should be taught in schools. And while learning standards in most states at least mention man-made climate change, only 42% of teachers actually cover the subject in their classrooms.

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Plastic: more than just a carbon footprint

By one estimate, emissions from producing and incinerating plastics could amount to 56 gigatons of carbon — almost 50 times the annual emissions of all of the coal power plants in the U.S. — between now and 2050. NPR

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Canaries in the Coal mine

The Norwegian Polar Institute's researchers found 200 dead reindeer - reported the largest die-off of reindeer in a decade - on an isolated chain of islands in Norway, called Svalbard. And they believe climate change was at work; a wet winter resulted in a thick layer of ice that plants — the main food source for reindeer — couldn't poke through. NPR

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Greta Thunberg: Are We Running Out Of Time To Save Our Planet? NPR

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The Guardian's brilliant 

podcast series

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