Write your government a letter!

Learning about the destruction of our planet's environment is totally depressing. But when you move from learning to activism, depression is replaced by hope, anxiety by purpose.


The Power of a Million Letters


When enough young people rise up, such pressure can force a government to respond and create more future-looking, high-impact environmental policy. The world we've created is completely unsustainable. We do have the power to remake it. 

So join our letter writing campaigns with your friends and classmates.


Let's take back the future.​

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Write about what?

Look through the app's resources and find what moves you. Watch, read, listen, discuss, then write a letter urging your government to change the way you feel they should.


You can also find some pre-packaged, high-impact policy suggestions in the Policy Hijack section of the app you can access from the home page.

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And make your letters ECHO LOUD


Your letters will have the most impact if you follow tips on how to share like a boss.

Tracking letters written

After you stamp and mail your letters, add them to the app's letter tracker via the map.

Organize a letter-writing campaign!


Ask your teachers to include the plastic and climate emergency letter-writing campaign as a school assignment. 

Because one letter looks like this:

One letter looks like this.jpg

And a letter-writing campaign like this:

A letter campaign.jpg