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Youth face a dark environmental future


Rigorous science tells young people just how bad it can get. That according to current plastic production trends, the ocean and beaches will fill even quicker with plastic waste, erasing their beauty while killing the life within. That the chances are horrifyingly high that the planet will warm toward catastrophe, which the UN warns could wipe out progress we’ve made toward creating a sustainable world. And as humanity’s future dims, young people, with the most to lose and no vote in the narrative of our planet, can only scream and tremble and listen and watch. 


Our data-driven model: building tools, sharpening teeth

Kids Save Ocean empowers kids to change the world through our work with the United Nations, youth environmental art exhibitions, and with FateChanger, an evolving mobile app that facilitates children’s true participation in the political process and gives teachers a platform to deeply engage them. The app transparently tests approaches to youth impact: letter-writing campaigns, ballot initiatives, school sustainability accelerators, inclusion in local politics and activism. The app’s growing network will enable robust opinion sampling power toward our ultimate goal of giving kids a voting seat in the UN. All delivered with the edgy spirit and aesthetic of surf culture, and data collection to continually navigate toward maximum impact.

Kids Save Ocean Goals and Objectives 

Impact Goals:

  • Our core mission is to give children everywhere a voice about our planet's environment through our mobile app development, our work with the United Nations, and our exhibitions. We will do this first informally via Fatechanger, and plan to, within 5 years, begin to formally integrate kids into the UN. Integral to that mission is providing teachers with a platform to deeply engage their students about plastic ocean pollution and the critically related issue of sustainability. 

  • In 5 years integrate and strengthen sustainability units in every town and city by providing students and teachers with compelling ready-made tools to facilitate youth inclusion in local political processes.

  • Within 7 years, integrate school sustainability impact hubs into sustainability units in 50% of US towns and cities.

  • In 10 years Integrate sustainability as a core focal point into at least 3 subjects in every US school.

  • By empowering children with true global citizenship, we intend to enable them to impact the global narrative about ocean pollution, resulting in more progressive ocean pollution policies.


Other related Objectives:

  • We plan to reinvent the textbook along the way, creating an edgy hipster open guide that immerses kids in the reality and complexity of ocean pollution and gives them both the opportunity to decide for themselves the best pathways toward solving the issue, and, through connectivity with the Fatechanger app, a mechanism to implement their ideas. 

  • Further down the road, we will mesh this child-driven decision-making process with rigorous opinion sampling using Fatechanger to tease out a representative opinion, which will be shared at the UN by talented and charismatic youth representatives.

  • We plan to develop an annual Children’s Clean Ocean Report which illuminates key progress or lack thereof relative to the children’s priorities.

  • We plan to build up a large membership base to fund our work in addition to expected revenues from our textbooks, which will expand to include other Sustainable Development Goals.

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