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Your parents can support your passion to protect the planet

Allie Molinaro from the National Resource Defence Council shared a story with us about just how much you can influence your parents...


"One strategy that I think is being underutilized is the power kids have to change their parents. Adults may not listen to a politician, or a CEO, or a non-profit, but they will listen to their kids. Encouraging kids to educate their parents on environmental issues and then to encourage their parents to act can make a huge difference. When I was in kindergarten I told my parents to switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins because I wanted to save paper, and you know what? They did! Now imagine if kids today told their parents to get solar panels, or go electric for their next car, or buy them snacks that don’t have excess packaging? Kids might not be able to vote or buy things, but their parents do. That is a huge section of the population that impact market forces and ultimately policy."

Try it.

And ask them to download FateChanger - if they didn't beat you to it and asked you to download it. 

Click this pic below to check out all the resources we already have for them:

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