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Additional projects we're actively pursuing


Giving children a voice in the world

Toward a voting UN seat for children – building a framework, identifying signatories

We’re working toward giving children a permanent voting seat in the UN. We’re developing a framework with the world’s best statisticians and will publish a paper about how mobile app platforms could most effectively rigorously sample global youth opinion. Trajectory CEO Paul Flatters and Professor Konrad Tollmar are now onboard. Additional authors will contribute content and globally prominent signatories will join in solidarity and support of this vision.


Hit us up if: 


  • You'd like to receive a draft of the paper and potentially be a prominent signatory?

  • You'd like to forward the paper’s draft to a potential signatory?



Facilitating international action on climate change & sustainability

Climate Change/SDG Hackathon

There is a gaping hole in the fabric connecting scientific data with civil society and policy-makers. To fix this we’ll harness the world’s brightest programmers with a Climate Change and SDG hackathon among MIT, Stanford, and other global tech leaders and independent teams. We’re collaborating with IIASA to collect data sources (over 400 so far). After data sources and collaborators have been identified, we will begin working with the UN to scale the project.

Goal: Create a platform both in an app and online that dynamically sifts data on climate change and SDG parameters, approaches and programs, teasing out best practices, missing data, potential partners, typical roadblocks, good advice, and personal limitations (incorporating a personality test); an ever-evolving tool and an open-source market to facilitate innovation, transparency, participation, partnership and enforcement of laws to enable the SDGs to be realised. The platform’s data streams should be both easily understood and effortlessly incorporated into apps and other services to help create a broad range of education, business and policy tools. Grandma should be able to.

Format: A series of teams create mechanisms/platforms/algorithms to do this. User stories help define the platform’s requirements. The field of players is successively cut – but good ideas from others are kept for later, integrated and rewarded. In addition to creating the tools, the winning university gets millions to create a department building on its win. 


  • Would you like to contribute User Stories (you explain what you wish the tool could do to meet your needs – this is a powerful method to guide software development)?

  • Do you know someone who might contribute data sources?


Extension example of Hackathon – blockchain smart contracts driving innovation: If you have reliable SDG and climate impact data, blockchain technology could create an investment market to drive innovation. This could transparently benefit investors, inventors and humanity, creating a dynamic market both driven by impact indices and negotiated by all stakeholders in the blockchain market. This could lead to best practices surfacing, technology sharing and sensible earth-friendly investment instruments. The benefits to the environment would far outweigh inevitable issues that would arise from the inherent difficulties of defining and negotiating impact indices.


Extension example of Hackathon – Sims Survival: Gaming companies could harness user-friendly real data to create gaming environments that incorporate reality and lead to policy and best-practice insight. Gaming could additionally integrate the blockchain markets mentioned above. 

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