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Share like a boss@3x.jpg

Share via the dashboard:

Hit the How? button on your dashboard while at position #4 on the dial, then spread the app via all your networks.

2 Share the trailer on Youtube

Click this link to watch the trailer, then share it on Youtube!


Become part of the trailer!

Learn how can include yourself or your class in the trailer. 

Step 1: Download a video cutting app like CuteCut onto your phone or edit with your computer

Step 2: Click this link and then download the video file:

FateChanger app Trailer Part 1.mp4

Step 3: Record a film of yourself or grandpa or class or family screaming - just a few seconds.

Step 4: Open the video cutting app on your phone (or do this on your computer), add the Part 1 that you downloaded, then add the video you made over the green section that starts at 23:19 and lasts 1 second - cut your clip to 1 second to match.

Step 5: Save as a new video. Then share it! Hashtag it #IAmAFateChanger



Variations of the Boss Share:

  • The I am  - you joining the others in the trailer

  • The Class - you and your classmates

  • The Parents - your mom or dad

  • The Grandster - your gramps or grandma

  • The Fam - fight for the planet with your family

  • The PewDiePie - only one dude can do this

  • The Attenborough - Sir David Attenborough, our hero

  • The Greta - who else?

  • The Team - whatever team your on - bring it!

  • The Randomizer - don't scream, something totally random

Share the letters you write:

Take photos of your letters, or of yourself and your letters, or of your class and all your letters, or of you and your awesome grandma with your letters, etc. Then share them on your networks with the hashtag #FateChangerLetters


Share resources from a phone:

Are you a student or a teacher? Try this. Hold down an image and share options will appear. 


Share from a computer:

You can also find resources like PDFs of articles at Especially helpful for teachers. ;-)

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