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Sustainability Impact Accelerator

Estimated availability: August 2020 


Kids Save Ocean (who built FateChanger) is currently collaborating with Hack4Impact to develop a new technology platform that will empower youth, educators and any other stakeholders to both learn about and implement real-life sustainability solutions. Schools, organizations, companies and governments are desperate to implement effective sustainability transformations, but often don’t know where to start, as there are few best practice models to follow. 


The accelerator will be a gamified web platform that walks users through developing projects guided by two powerful solution-building approaches: human-centered design and the Silicon Valley’s lean startup. 


To have real impact moving communities toward sustainability, solutions must be effortlessly implemented by teachers and students, readily replicable, and able to evolve: a web of easily accessible, cross-fertilizing experiments that adapt locally and improve through time. 


The platform will be powered by a mixture of indexing, machine-learning and a user rating system, allowing users to design their own projects while guided by a wealth of resources: best practices, potential partners, typical roadblocks and good advice, creating an ever-evolving tool to facilitate innovation, inclusiveness, transparency, participation, partnership and progress. 


The technology can be integrated into many areas of school: elective courses, cross-curricular projects, science fairs and sustainability impact hub school clubs. It will be simple enough for kids to use, but open to anybody interested in developing sustainability solutions. The platform’s solutions and data could further echo impact by being incorporated into a broad range of education, business and policy tools. 

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