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Here are a few pics from the Children's Clean Ocean Summit at the UN -- find more in the image gallery. It was amazing. Titled "The Last Whale" after our humpback whale sculpture and in recognition of what will happen if we don't change, it was run entirely by kids and was an extraordinarily powerful day full of learning and hope and the promise of a world engaged by a whole new set of imaginative, intelligent, forward-looking voices. Just what we so desperately need.
The children with UN Under-Secretary-General Yuri Fedotov.
The kids teaching each other about the solutions to ocean plastic pollution.
United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Eric Solheim addresses the kids.
The kids cast their 3 votes for what they feel the most critical solutions.
Kids Save Ocean founder Peder Hill introduces the kids to the Fatechanger mobile app, first asking them a question...
"Who thinks kids deserve a voice about the environment?"
Reading of the Children's Clean Ocean Declaration, which will soon be distributed to all countries of the world.
Click here to download a PDF copy of the Declaration
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