Write letters with your kids

Learning about the seemingly unstoppable destruction of our natural world makes kids anxious about our planet and its future. But when they make the leap from learning to activism, something altogether different happens. Depression is replaced by hope, anxiety by purpose. And if parents empower enough children, transformations on an entirely different level will begin. We made this world how it is. And we can remake it. 

So join our letter writing campaigns with your kids. Help them take back the future.​

Write letters.png

Write about what?


Let your children look through the resources and find what moves them. Watch, read, listen to podcasts, talk about it, and then write a letter urging your government to change in whatever ways you and your kids see fit. You can also find some pre-packaged, high-impact policy suggestions in the Policy Hijack section you see in the pic below. After you stamp and mail your letters, add them to the app's letter tracker via the map.

Be sure to check out how to share like a boss for tips to give your sharing the most impact.